Speedtree, the Emmy's and LA

Lot's of you guys who know us personally know that Danny and I also work full time job's as well as shooting. So we're actually coworkers x2 at a sweet company called Speedtree. I photograph bark and leaves for graphics, and Danny is the social media geru. If you're interested in knowing more, you should check out the website at www.speedtree.com and watch the video clips, they explain it best! 




This year, Speedtree won an Academy award and an Engineering Emmy. (How's that for awesome socks?). I feel very blessed to work for such a wonderful company and group of genuine people. The award ceremony for the Emmy's was in Hollywood, and this past week we skipped down there and took some pictures, explored, met some old friends and had a quirky-fun-filled-mini-3-day-vacation.