Kindred co. is my little corner of the internet to bridge a gap between my artistic   


A portfolio of many things made by Sarah Scruggs

This website used to host my photography business. I'd been shooting since I'd left college and then wanted to relaunch as Kindred co. I was ready-to-go with the excitement of a pigeon eating french fries in a parking-lot. BUT life is weird and my photography opened up a door to taking pictures of trees. My heart was leading me into different things so I left the wedding-photo world and started working in digital art. (It turns out I'm a parking lot pigeon for that too.)

...and I couldn't put the camera down either

... and I still wanted to dive into traditional art...

....and I still wanted to share my perspectives with folks.

...while sharing digital art...

Because these are my crafts, a uniting of eyes, hands & heart. They stem from being a little crazy about beautiful color and light but also the belief that art is a communication tool. 

 Kindred Co. is named after a sentiment from Anne of Green Gables: that kindred spirits exist in the world and we gather together. It stemmed from the notion that passion we see and witness in people about the things they love are often the connecting lines that draw us together. 





About Sarah Scruggs

Sarah likes animals and painting. Sometimes she dresses up and hits people with foam weapons in a cool sport called Dagorhir.  

Things that rock my socks off:

Coffee, pretty shadows, storm clouds, travel, poetry, inspiring friendships, hardworking humble folk, culinary attempts (and failures), visiting farms, seeing how it's made, adventures, stories, saying hi (just because), all creatures, soft yoga pants and people who can tolerate run on sentences of excitement. 






Will you shoot my wedding?
I am no longer taking on weddings! I appreciate inquires but I currently working full time in traditional and digital art and cannot give you my undivided attention (which you need and deserve). Wedding photography has been a fun adventure and it was fuel to my soul to see real people, real moments and be a part of beautiful memories. I will always enjoy the unbridled chaos of families joining together.